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August Activity: Random Grab Bags

I was kind of a pinch-hitter this month, but I've always wanted to do a random challenge. So for the activity I compiled grab bags with randomly selected content (textures, icons, fonts, color palettes, and movie posters). I also used a random number generator to determine who would get which bag. Download links for all of them can be found at the end of the post.

alfiri (Grab Bag #6)

Stranger Things

afeastforme (Grab Bag #9)


Shadowhunters | Resident Evil


naginis (Grab Bag #1)

Stranger Things

12 Monkeys

watchpoint (Grab Bag #5)


starkwars (Grab Bag #4)

Stranger Things

The X-Files

vapor (Grab Bag #7)

The 100

Game of Thrones


violateraindrop (Grab Bag #2)

Mr. Robot

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Grab Bags:
Tags: !activity post, fandom: 12 monkeys, fandom: daredevil, fandom: game of thrones, fandom: lost, fandom: mr. robot, fandom: resident evil, fandom: shadowhunters, fandom: stranger things, fandom: the 100, fandom: the man from u.n.c.l.e., fandom: the x-files, maker: afeastforme, maker: alfiri, maker: naginis, maker: partitioning, maker: starkwars, maker: vapor, maker: violateraindrop

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